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Military Industrial Company

"Military-Industrial Company" Limited Liability Company (Russian acronym - "VPK" LLC) is a strategic partner of the state in matters of equipping the Armed Forces and other military formations and structures of modern high-tech security samples wheeled armored vehicles. Has a state license to develop, manufacture, maintenance and disposal of weapons and military equipment.

"VPK" LLC works with more than 30 government customers. The main of them - it is the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, the Federal Security Service, Federal Security Service and other security agencies of the Russian Federation. The company develops, manufactures standard and upgrades:

  • - Armored personnel carriers,
  • - Infantry fighting vehicles,
  • - Armored vehicles,

the mainstay of wheeled armored Land Forces of the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation, as well as the armies of more than 40 countries.

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