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Mission: meeting the requirements of the state in the developing and fielding of state-of-the-art armoured wheeled and tracked vehicles ensuring the required degree of defence capability


  • setting conditions for steady development of the company’s subsidiaries and developing and manufacturing high-technology military and commercial products competitive on the domestic and foreign markets;
  • enhancing the scientific-technical and economic capabilities of the subsidiaries;
  • fulfilling the Governmental Armament Acquisition Programme and maintaining the required level of mobilisation capacities.


  • crafting corporate scientific-technical and technological policies;
  • stepping up the efficiency of managing the subsidiaries;
  • optimising the production facilities and product range of the subsidiaries;
  • pooling all types of the resources of the subsidiaries in order to develop cutting-edge technologies and up-to-date military hardware;
  • diversifying the product line in order to enhance the financial stability;
  • increasing labour productivity and quality of products.


  • development, manufacture, modernisation and disposal of armoured and motor vehicles, their components and other military, commercial and dual-use products within the company’s scope in an integrated research – development – productionising – manufacture – maintenance & overhaul – disposal cycle, and product delivery/work performance/services provision under governmental materiel acquisition orders, export contracts and other contractual commitments;
  • devising and implementation of specific scientific-technical programmes;
  • expansion of the company’s competence, establishment and development of new production facilities and advanced products;
  • marketing and advertising.

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