For public safety’s sake

For public safety’s sake
The Comprehensive Safety 2017, an international show of safety and security equipment, is an annual event designed to keep international organisations, national services, scientists and the public abreast of the latest solutions for public safety, natural and man-made disaster risk reduction and relief, fire safety and public safety at water facilities. In addition, the show is designed to encourage the attendance of new representatives of small and medium businesses and public safety experts. 
Advanced Russian high-technology safety solutions have been unveiled during the show.
The exhibits included up-to-date hardware and personal kit for personnel involved in fire-fighting, rescue, disaster relief and industrial/environmental safety.
VPK LLC showed its latest products in the form of full-scale examples, in particular the Tigr BMA armoured casevac vehicle and All-Terrain Amphibious Vehicle 59037 carrier.
The Tigr BMA vehicle is designed to search for, collect and evacuate casualties from the battlefield, mass destruction sites and man-made disaster-stricken areas, including those in warzones or close to burning ammo depots, etc., and to provide guaranteed protection and first aid on the move. Manned by a medical team, the vehicle can be used as a first aid station or a mobile dressing ward.
The Tigr can be fitted with customer-specified medical equipment, including special intensive care equipment. 
The baseline model carries four wounded on litters or four sitting wounded. The casevac’s crew may include the driver/medic, doctor/doctor’s assistant and/or nursing orderly.
The comfortable environment for the casualties and medical crew is owing to a new armoured body with the 7.7-m³ internal volume, which is mounted on the chassis of the baseline Tigr.
The Tigr BMA is capable of operating in in various climes, in rugged terrain, round the clock and in any season.
Another novelty unveiled at the show by VPK is All-Terrain Amphibious Vehicle 59037, a derivative of the BTR-80 armoured personnel carrier. It is designed to haul cargo and equipment on roads of all types and off road and is able to negotiate wet gaps. The vehicle is designed for operation in ambient temperature ranging from -40°C to +40°C. It is indispensable as a means of transport for rescue gear in flooded and other disaster-stricken areas.

The vehicles displayed by VPK LLC prompted keen interest of Russian Emergencies Ministry personnel and foreign experts attending the show.

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