Hand in hand with operators

Hand in hand with operators
This time round, a visit has been paid to the 27th Guards Infantry Brigade of Sevastopol, operating, inter alia, BTR-82A armoured personnel carriers (APC). The delegation was led by VPK Director General Alexandr Krasovitsky.

The visit included a meeting with the brigade’s commander and his staff, a tour of the vehicle fleet and associated storage and maintenance equipment, familiarisation with how the brigade operates and maintains its APCs, and a technical conference.
At the conference, Brigade Commanding Officer Colonel Dmitry Aksyonov and his subordinates, colonels Alexandr Starykh and Alexandr Lyubezny, briefed the delegation on the problems experienced over the five years since the reception of their BTR-82As and on the type’s strengths. They also suggested fixes for certain systems and units.

VPK Director General Alexandr Krasovitsky and Chief Designer Yuri Korolyov reciprocated by telling the servicemen about the on-going improvement in the APC’s design and the prospects of wheeled armoured vehicle development and took questions.

The participants in the meeting were unanimous about the need for more meetings like that and for them to involve as many immediate users of the APCs as possible.

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