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Two-link conveyor tractor 3344-20

  • Two-link conveyor tractor 3344-20
  • Two-link conveyor tractor 3344-20
  • Two-link conveyor tractor 3344-20
  • Two-link conveyor tractor 3344-20

The Two-link conveyor tractor 3344-20 is designed for transportation of people and various cargoes in difficult terrain and off-road conditions. The vehicle is capable of transporting up to 17 people or 3 tons of cargo. Low, even less than that of a person, the average specific pressure on the ground (no more than 0.25 kg / cm2) provides a high supporting permeability of the conveyor tractor 3344-20 practically in the most difficult terrain conditions: in swamps, on loose snow, on sands, in wooded and swampy areas, etc..

The vehicle is equipped with a Russian-made in-line turbodiesel with a maximum power of 240 hp. The engine is connected to an automatic transmission, which reduces the driver's fatigue during long marches, and provides a good ride. The volume of fuel tanks provides a two-link transporter with a cruising range of up to 450 km.

The ability to cross water obstacles by swimming makes the Two-link conveyor tractor 3344-20 an indispensable aid for emergency responders in crisis situations, such as extensive snow drifts or floods. The curb weight of the vehicle, not exceeding 11 tons, allows the vehicle to be transported by any means of transport, including transport helicopters, which ensures high maneuverability of the structures operating it. The Two-link conveyor tractor 3344-20 can be carried out as a medical option for evacuating the sick and wounded and providing medical assistance to them on the move.

Depending on the area of the vehicle operation, at the customer’s request, either additional heaters or an air conditioning system in the cabin can be installed on it.

The Two-link conveyor tractor 3344-20 was accepted for supply by the Russian army, where it is used to transport personnel with full Arctic ammunition and service weapons, military equipment, towing artillery systems and trailers in units of combat, logistical and medical support of types and branches of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation under any climatic conditions.

The tracked two-link conveyor tractor has the ability to install various small arms and other weapons, special equipment.

Upon shipment to the Consumer, the Snow and swamp terrain vehicle is completed with the following documentation:

1. Operations manual.
2. Snow and swamp terrain vehicle Datasheet.
3. Vehicle log book (with the «Warranty Obligation Registration» form).
4. List of spare parts.
5. Self-propelled vehicle certificate of title (SVC).

The warranty period for Snow and swamp terrain vehicle is 12 months from the date of commissioning, but not more than 6,000 km.

Specifications GAZ 3344-0000010 (with MRM* tracks)


List of equipment of single order: passenger / cargo-passenger, YaMZ-534 engine (Euro-2), pre-heater-heater (autonomous) APZh-20D-24, cabin heater (first link) - one (autonomous), passenger compartment heater (third link) - two (autonomous ), number of seats - up to 17 (5+ up to 12), metal. body, headlight finder


Curb weight (with refueling, spare parts, without cargo and crew), kg


Gross weight (the product curb weight with the transported cargo, crew, additional and special equipment), kg.


Weight of transported cargo, people and crew, kg, no more than

in the first link: 750

in the second link: 2,250

Total: 3,000

Gross weight of the towed trailer, kg, not more than


Number of seats, including the driver:


– in the first link:


– in the second link:


Length, mm, maximum


Body width, mm, maximum


Width over the installed rear-view mirrors, mm, maximum 


Height, mm, maximum 


Track (distance between the tracks centers), mm


Base (distance between the centers of the extreme rollers) of the first and second link, mm


Ground clearance (with full load), mm, not less than


Height to the driving wheel axis, mm


Height to the coupling device axis, mm


Loading height of the passenger compartment (no load), mm 


The product external turning radius between walls along the outer end of the front bumper, m, no more than


Average specific ground pressure, kPa (kgf / cm2)

25.0 (0.025)

Maximum travel speed with full load without a trailer, km / h, not less than:


– on the highway


– on a dry flat dirt road 


-  on virgin snow up to 0.5 m deep


– afloat in a water body with calm water 


Cruising fuel range on the highway, km, not less than


Maximum gradability / descent on solid dry ground (without trailer with full load), (degree)


Maximum gradability  / descent on solid dry ground (with a trailer with full load), (degree)


Climbing ability of the side-long slope overcome by the product with the full weight on dry and hard ground, degree, not less than


The product full weight angle of lateral static stability, degree, not less than


Maximum angles (non-flooding), not less than:

  • water entry
  • water exit




Engine model

YaMZ-534 (Euro-2)

Engine type:

Diesel, four-stroke.

Number of cylinders and their arrangement

Four, in a row

Cubical capacity, l


Rated power gross, kW (hp)

176 (240)

Maximum gross torque, Nm (kgf · m)

784 (80)

Rated speed of the crankshaft, min-1


Fuel tank, l


Starting preheater-heater (autonomous)



Automatic hydromechanical


Automatic, with five forward gears and one reverse.

Service brake system

Floating type disc brakes with automatic clearance adjustment

Service brake system drive

– foot type pneumohydraulic double-circuit with division of the circuits into front and rear links.

Parking brake type (mountain brake)

Two drum brakes, shoe type, are installed after the transfer case in the front and rear of the first link housing. Pneumatic drive.

Propulsive device type

Tracked, with front arrangement of drive wheels

Track type

Fine-link, with a rubber-metal hinge, with rubberized treadmills, with rubber shoes

Number of links in the track, pcs.


Link pitch, mm


link width with shoe, mm


Drive wheel type

Double-crown, with pinned gearing, push type

Road wheels type

Twin, with rubberized rims, dimension 440 × 50 mm

Guide wheels type

Twin, with rubberized rims, dimension 400 × 40 mm

Support rollers type

Single, with rubberized rim, two on each side, 200 × 30 mm

Track tensioning mechanism type

Screw, located between the axles of the balancers of the sixth track rollers and idler wheels

Suspension type

Independent, torsion bar

Body type

Bearing, all-metal, welded body of the front and rear link. Consists of a base and a top. Sealed.

Glass type

Double glazing

Steering drive type

Hydraulic, with a steering wheel with hydraulic valve. Rotation is carried out by folding the links using two hydraulic cylinders

Actuator fuel control type

Electromechanical (with a pedal)

Gear shift control type

Electromechanical automatic mode or manual mode – with a lever

Drive control gear shift type in the transfer case

Mechanical, with a swing arm

Service brake control drive type

Pneumohydraulic from outboard type pedal acting on two-section brake valve

Parking (mountain) brake control drive type

Pneumatic with manual brake valve.

Cross-section differential lock drive type


Control drive for folding links in the vertical plane type

Hydraulic, by means of a hydraulic cylinder

Front and rear link swivel

Bearing, provides independent movement of sections in three directions.

Type of electrical equipment

Direct current, single wire. The negative terminals of the power supplies and consumers are connected to the case. The negative terminals of the battery are connected to the case through a battery breaker.

Rated voltage, V


Cab heater (first link)

One, autonomous.

Passenger compartment heater (second link)

Two, autonomous

Rear link towing device

Double acting

Towing forks

Two in the bow of the hull of the first link and two in the rear of the hull of the second link

Electric winch with pulling force, tons


Body color


Requirements for the Self-propelled vehicle certificate of title

Availability in the Self-propelled vehicle certificate of title of a mark on the Utilization fee  payment

* MRM – metal-rubber mounting, track resource 12,000 km.