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Special police car VPK-3924 "Bear"

  • Special police car VPK-3924
  • Special police car VPK-3924
  • Special police car VPK-3924
  • Special police car VPK-3924
  • Special police car VPK-3924
  • Special police car VPK-3924
  • Special police car VPK-3924

Special police car VPK-3924 "Bear" is intended for use as a vehicle and operational service vehicle during counter-terrorist operations, operations to suppress mass riots, performing territorial defense tasks, including transporting personnel when marching in the ambient temperature range from minus 45 °C to plus 50 °C.

It can move both on public-access road and on rough terrain with the provision of:

  • protection from poisonous and special substances;
  • the crew ballistic protection when firing at a vehicle from a distance of 5 m from an SVD rifle with a 7-BZ-3 cartridge with a B-32 bullet;
  • ballistic protection of systems, determining the vehicle mobility, when the vehicle is fired at from a distance of 5 m from the AK-74 (5.45 mm) and AKM (7.62 mm) machine guns with the 7N6 cartridge with the PS bullet and the 57-N-231 cartridge with the PS bullet, respectively; and
  • the crew protection in case of detonation under the bottom or wheel of a non-fragmented explosive device weighing 7 kg in TNT equivalent.

Design features

  • Frameless chassis design, all units and assemblies are placed and attached to the supporting body;
  • Invariance of ballistic protection and defensive mine countermeasures with the ability to change the level of protection in operation;
  • Installation of a powerful diesel engine providing high traction and dynamic characteristics;
  • Installation of an independent torsion bar suspension on all wheels ensures high ride comfort and off-road speed;
  • Installation of power steering systems, pneumatic and hydraulic clutch drive and service brakes with ABS, as well as an electro-pneumatic drive system for controlling the gearbox, transfer case and differential lock, providing ease of control;
  • Application of a highly efficient climatic unit providing a comfortable microclimate in the habitable compartment of the hull during operation in the range of ambient temperatures from minus 45 °C to plus 50 °C;
  • Ergonomics of the internal volume is focused on the maximum convenience of embarkation and disembarkation, as well as long-term presence of personnel assets inside the vehicle;
  • Large useful internal volume of the vehicle (10.5 m3) provides the possibility and convenience of placing various types of special equipment;
  • The use of the block-modular construction principle ensures a high level of maintainability (the replacement time of the power unit does not exceed 4 hours).

Vehicle body design features

The vehicle body is armored, load-bearing, welded from steel sheets. The inhabited compartment is of one-volume type. Embarkation and disembarkation are carried out through two side and one rear swing double doors. There are two hatches in the hull roof. All glasses are bullet-resistant, glued into armored frames and represent removable window assemblies or modules. When replacing a damaged window module assembly, glass gluing is not required. Window modules can be equipped with loopholes for firing personal weapons. Removable suspended modules are located on the hull sides.

In order to increase the ballistic protection of the perimeter of the manned compartment, additional removable armor elements can be mounted inside the hull. The level of security, in this case, will be determined by the design of the installed armor. Defensive mine countermeasures elements can be installed on the bottom of the hull.

Due to the use of removable internal armored modules, it is possible to change the protection class and, accordingly, the carrying capacity, including by the crew.



Carrying capacity, with defensive mine countermeasures / without defensive mine countermeasures, kg.

6A - protection is provided during a vehicle circular firing along the horizon from a distance of 5 to 10 m from an SVD rifle with a 7-BZ-3 cartridge with a B-32 bullet


1700 / 2100

5 - protection is provided during a vehicle circular firing along the horizon from a distance of 5 to 10 m from an SVD rifle with a 57-N-323S cartridge of 7.62 mm caliber with an LPS bullet with a non-heat-strengthened steel core and from an AKM machine gun with a 57-N-321 cartridge of 7.62 mm caliber with PS bullet with heat-strengthened steel core



1900 / 2300

3 - protection is provided during a vehicle circular firing along the horizon from a distance of 5 to 10 m from an AK-74 machine gun with a 7N6 cartridge of 5.45 mm caliber with a PS bullet with a steel non-heat-strengthened core and from an AKM machine gun with a 57-N-321 cartridge of 7.62 mm caliber with PS bullet with non-heat-strengthened steel core



2200 / 2600


Hull defensive mine countermeasures

Defensive mine countermeasures of the hull are provided by the installation of energy-absorbing screens, as well as the use of special geometry and construction of the bottom of the hull (in the 1st and 2nd options of the complete set, the energy-absorbing screens are not installed).

All crew seats are equipped with anti-overload mechanisms, four-point seat belts and footrests with energy-absorbing mats. Fastening of the crew seats is carried out on the sides and roof of the hull. At the Customer’s request, it is possible to install seats from different manufacturers.

Splinter protection

The cladding of the inner surface of the case with anti-splinter screens allows:

  • to ensure protection of the crew from secondary fragments when bullets, shell fragments and mines hit the body;
  • to exclude ricochet from the opposite side when the body is broken;
  • to improve thermal and noise insulation of the body; and
  • to improve the ergonomic performance of the interior.

Cross-country performance and mobility

High rates of vehicle cross-country performance and mobility are ensured through the use of:

  • 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine YaMZ-53601, providing a specific power of 22.3 hp / t;
  • independent torsion bar suspension on wishbones, with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers and shear stability anti-roll bars;
  • pneumatic tubeless radial tires with adjustable pressure dimension 14.00R20 and MVFI inserts from Hutchinson;
  • two-stage transfer case with a reduction gear;
  • inter-axle and cross-axle locking differentials;
  • steering with hydraulic booster;
  • high, 420 mm, ground clearance;
  • wheel-hub drives;


The pull-out mechanism of the power monoblock provides convenient access to the units of the engine systems and the electro-pneumatic drive of the gearbox to check their functioning, repair and replace. Maintenance operations are carried out without extending the power monoblock. Units and assemblies of fuel supply systems, pneumatic systems and braking systems are located in a removable suspension module and are easily accessible for maintenance and repair.

Drive axles, power transfer unit and cardan drives can be serviced and removed from the bottom of the vehicle without performing additional works.

Optional equipment

The following optional equipment is installed on the vehicles:

  • centralized tire pressure regulation system, controlled from the driver's seat;
  • full-size spare wheel on the roof on a holder with a lifting-lowering gear;
  • electric winch WARN DC 18000 with pulling force up to 6800 kgf and rope length 27 m;
  • WEBASTO THERMO E 320 starting preheater - heater; and
  • air conditioning system with two independent evaporators.

Specifications Special police car-3 "Bear"



Equipment options for ballistic protection and defensive mine countermeasures

Basic Option

1st Option

2nd  Option

Height / width / length, mm

2,720 / 2,550 / 6,160

Full weight, kg


Carrying capacity, kg




Number of seats, including driver, people


Ballistic protection, class according to GOST R 50963




Defensive mine countermeasures, kg in TNT equivalent:

- under the bottom

 F-1 grenade

 F-1 grenade

- under the wheel




Engine, brand, type

YaMZ-53601, diesel, 6-cylinder, in-line, turbocharged and intercooled, electronically controlled.

- maximum power, kW (l / s)

229 (312)

- maximum torque, N ∙ m (kgf ∙ m)

1,226 (125)

Gearbox, brand, type

YaMZ-12051, mechanical, 5-speed, with electro-pneumatic control drive (it is possible to install an Allison 3500 series automatic transmission)

Ground clearance, mm, not less than


External overall turning radius, m, not more than


Gradeability / slope, degree, not less than

30 / 25

Overcoming wall / ford, m, not less than

0.5 / 1.2

Maximum speed on the highway, km / h, not less than


Cruising range for control fuel consumption, km, not less than


Resource, thousand km


Wheels, tires

Bullet-proof wheels, Hutchinson, with MVFI insert and Pirelli 14.00R20 tires (optional with non-resistant Bel-248 wheels with a spare wheel)