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BMP К-17 on the Bumerang (Russian: Бумеранг, Boomerang) unified interspecific wheeled armored platform

  • BMP К-17 on the Bumerang (Russian: Бумеранг, Boomerang) unified interspecific wheeled armored platform
  • BMP К-17 on the Bumerang (Russian: Бумеранг, Boomerang) unified interspecific wheeled armored platform

The general layout of the Bumerang [Boomerang] platform is made according to a new layout scheme, according to which previously domestic combat wheeled vehicles were not built.

The general layout of the Bumerang [Boomerang] platform is made according to a new layout scheme, according to which domestic combat wheeled vehicles have not been built before. These layout solutions make it possible to ensure the landing force ergonomic position, optimal placement of standard and additional equipment, and apply new schemes of additional differentiated modular protection for vehicles of the advanced echelon of combat use.

The vehicle’s modular design makes it possible to change the composition of a specific vehicle in the family by installing various weapon systems, active and passive protection systems, depending on the sample purpose and the customer's requirements.

The engine-transmission compartment (ETC) is located on the bow of the vehicle’s armored hull, along the starboard side. To the left of it, at the left side, there is a control compartment with a driver’s workplace. Behind the engine-transmission compartment and a driver’s workplace, vehicle commander’s and gunner’s workplaces are equipped. Since the possibility of duplication of functions of each other is provided, the equipment of these crew members’ workplaces is similar.

The troop compartment is designed to accommodate eight people in full gear comfortably. Paratroopers' seats are anti-traumatic with a delivery link and five-point seat belts. For embarkation and disembarkation of troops, a folding ramp is provided in the vehicle’s hull rear.

A Bumerang [Boomerang]-BM uninhabited universal combat module is installed on the BMP K-17. The main weapon used in this combat module is the 2A42 30-mm automatic cannon. Its ready-to-use ammunition load is 500 service cartridges loaded in two belts. As an additional weapon in the armament complex of the BMP K-17, a 7.62-mm PKTM vehicle’s gun paired with a cannon is used with an ammunition load of 2,000 rounds of ammunition, loaded in one belt. The BMP K-17 guided missile system includes two twin ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missile) launchers of the Kornet-D anti-tank complex, mounted on the sides of an unmanned turret.

The BMP K-17 guided missile weapon system is designed to combat armored moving and stationary ground targets, low-flying aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles. The maximum firing range of the Kornet-D missiles is 10,000 m.

The weapons high efficiency, as part of the weapon system of the combat module Bumerang [Boomerang]-BM is provided by the new all-day WCS (weapons control system). It provides automatic search for targets simultaneously in different spectral ranges in passive and active modes, search and detection of masked targets with an optical locator and simultaneous firing of two targets.

The high level of security of the BMP K-17 Bumerang [Boomerang] is provided by a whole range of protective equipment. These include means of reducing the vehicle's signature, passive armor protection, as well as active protection and staging systems.

The K-17 combat vehicle’s high mobility rates are provided by equipping with a new powerful and economical power plant with an automatic transmission, an original transmission, independent torsion bar suspension of wheels, a modern design of water-jet propellers with a mechanical drive, an airborne tactical data system (ATDS).

The Bumerang [Boomerang] wheeled armored platform represents a monoblock, which includes a power unit with attachments and an automatic transmission, cooling and preheating systems.

A new generation turbodiesel YaMZ-780, developing a maximum power of 750 hp, is used on the Bumerang [Boomerang] platform as a power unit.

High levels of command controllability are provided by the use of modern technologies in the vehicle design, the use of ATDS, a circular video review system, the presence of modern digital communications with the ability to exchange information in the data transfer mode.

The airborne tactical data system, built on a block-modular principle, allows to turn a unified platform into a universal base vehicle that provides connection and control of various systems (weapon systems, control systems, technological equipment, etc.).

The software and hardware complex allows the vehicle to be integrated into an integrated tactical command and control system (ITCCS) and provides operation in a single information space for combat control.

Currently, vehicles on the Bumerang [Boomerang] unified interspecific wheeled armored platform have passed preliminary tests. This year, the vehicle shall undergo the state tests.

An Advertising Passport and an Export Image Passport have been obtained for the BMP K-17.



Full combat weight, t, not more


Combat crew: crew + landing personnel, people


Length mm


Width, mm


Height at the top point of the combat module sight, mm


Ground clearance, mm, not less than


Average speed on a dry dirt road, km / h


Maximum speed on the highway, km / h, not less than


Maximum speed afloat, km / h, not less than


Estimated cruising range by reference fuel consumption, km, not less than


Fuel power reserve afloat at average engine operating conditions, hours


Maximum gradability and descent angle, degree, not less than


Maximum roll angle, degrees, not less than


Moat width, m, not less than


Ledge (escarp) height, m, not less than


Product water entry angle, degree, not less than


Product water exit angle, degree, not less than


Water surface heaving, points, not less than



Automatic cannon


Caliber, mm


Rate of fire, shots / min, not less than


Machine gun paired with a cannon


Caliber, mm


Rate of fire, shots / min


Maximum range of aimed fire at ground targets, m:


Anti-tank missile system



- 30-mm cartridges with OT and OFZ shells


- 30-mm cartridges with BT and BP shells


ATGM, pcs.


7.62 x 54R cartridges for coaxial machine gun, pcs.

2000 (in one belt)

Gunner's sight (GS) and commander's sight (CS)


Combined with independent stabilization of the field of view in two planes

Weapon stabilizer

electromechanical, two-plane


brand, type


6-cylinder, four-stroke, in-line, multi-fuel, with compression ignition, with two-stage turbocharging with intercooling of charge air in water-to-air heat exchangers, liquid cooling, rear gear driven units

Engine power, kW (hp)

551 (750)

Maximum torque at 1600 rpm, N • m (kgf • m)

2550 (260)

Gearbox, type

Automatic, hydromechanical 6-speed