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Strela light armored vehicle

  • Strela light armored vehicle
  • Strela light armored vehicle

The Strela (Russian: «Стрела»; English: arrow) multipurpose light armored vehicle with 4x4 wheel (axle) arrangement is designed to transport people and various cargoes with the required level of ballistic (anti-blast) protection. The vehicle can be used as a command post, a means of transportation and an operational service vehicle in special units of the executive bodies of power or as a basis for creating a family of vehicles and for mounting armament and special equipment. The vehicle lifting capacity is up to 1,000 kg.

The Strela multipurpose light armored vehicle’s design is based on advanced assemblies, units and accessories planned for their use in mass production in the domestic automotive industry. At the same time, the vehicle’s components are 100% produced or localized in the territory of the Russian Federation. The Strela vehicle armored body design is as much as possible unified with other armored vehicles developed and manufactured by the Military Industrial Company, LLC (VPK). For example, Strela doors and armored glasses are interchangeable with doors and bulletproof glasses of the VPK-Ural and the Athlete armored vehicles.

The new Strela multipurpose light armored vehicle weighs just 4.7 tons; the vehicle’s armor provides the 2nd-degree ballistic protection according to the General Technical Requirements The light armored vehicle’s anti-blast protection shields the crew inside it upon hitting mines or explosives with a yield of up to 2 kilograms in TNT equivalent

A powerful diesel engine (200 hp) in conjunction with a mechanical 6-speed gearbox provides high dynamic qualities of the light armored vehicle. The Strela can develop a speed of up to 155 km/h on the road. According to the control flow rate, the cruising fuel range is up to 1,000 km. In the future, at the customer’s request, the vehicle can be completed with an automatic gearbox.

The Strela armored vehicle’s light weight allows using such a protected vehicle for quickly transporting it to another area or as part of tactical airborne assault forces by military transport helicopters like a Mi-8 (Mi-17) on an external sling. As of today, our Army simply has no armored vehicles of this type.

The vehicle’s interior carries up to eight servicemen, including the driver, depending on the modification and type of seats installed.

The Strela family light armored vehicles’ operational feature lies in that the vehicles can use the developed service network of commercial light trucks for maintenance and repair. However, the vehicle’s design simplicity allows its maintenance and repair under military conditions.

As conceived by the designers, the Strela light armored vehicles’ family includes a whole line of vehicles with different configurations of armored hulls and purposes. It should be noted that there are no floating armored vehicles of this class in our country today.

All vehicles in the family are equipped with air conditioning in the cabin and automatic fire extinguishing systems in the engine compartment, coming as standard. The Strela armored vehicles’ modular design has great potential for future development and modernization.



Full weight, t


Wheel formula

4  x 4

Crew, people

from 2 to 8 depending on modification

Length / Width / Height, mm

4 700 / 2 200 / 2 100

Ground clearance


Engine: displacement volume, type

2.8, diesel

Maximum engine power, h.p.


Specific power, hp / t



5-speed manual or

6-speed automatic gearbox


front independent spring suspension,

rear dependent spring suspension

Top road speed, km/h

not less than 155

Road cruising endurance, km

up to 1,000

Maximum gradability / side-long slope, degree

not less than 31 / 20

Vertical wall height, overcome by a vehicle, m

not less than 0.4

Ballistic protection degree of the manned compartment according to the General Technical Requirements


Anti-blast protection of the manned compartment under the bottom or wheel, kg in TNT equivalent